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Sunday, August 28, 2005

A 3-year-old Child's Idea of "Communion with Jesus"

This evening, as I was tucking Matthew in to bed, I opted to sing “Be Thou My Vision” to him as our good night song. He interrupted me once or twice to ask me what a phrase here or there meant, but one interchange was so interesting that I had to share it. I got to the line which says "High King of heaven..." and then the following dialogue ensued:
Matthew: What's heaven?

Me: Heaven is the place where Jesus is. And where everyone who loves Jesus will go to be with him, and sing to him, and talk to him.

Matthew: Like church!

Me: Um... yeah, sorta. Except this is only when we die, everyone who loves Jesus will be with him forever.

Matthew: And Jesus will play with us? (!)

Me: Um, yes, sure! [think sermon illustration that a 3-year-old can get, I think it's not too far off. Remember, this kid's life is about eating, sleeping, and playing, with some "fun" schoolwork as well. So "playing" equals quality time spent together.]

Matthew: And we will give Jesus toys?

Me: Yes... I think. [I have no idea what he's talking about! But I'll just assume it has something to do with "playing" with Jesus.]

Matthew: And we go to Jesus's house?

Me: Yes, in fact, heaven is Jesus's house!
Now that was an interesting conversation. I'm just so blessed by these little conversations.