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Monday, August 15, 2005

Blog design and today's news

Any thoughts on our new blog's graphic design? I spent way too many hours (not that I'm fishing for praise, hehe). Seriously, though, any feedback or ideas on how to improve the readability and/or accessibility of our blog would be much appreciated!

The Lord's blessing on you on this slow blog day. Only event worth noting is how excited Matthew was to show me, after I got home from work, how he and Mommy pulled a bunch of mushrooms out of our newly sodded front lawn. It's so fun to see his enthusiasm for life and absolute innocence. It really brings a smile to my face even when I'm tired. It renews my desire to protect him from the sinful fallenness of the world until we've managed to further train him to influence others (for Christ) and not merely to be influenced. Praise God for how these little children teach us about God's wonderful creation -- we who are so often calloused to the beauty of it.