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Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Hag, The Ogre, and The Chocolate Cake

This article by Jenefer Igarashi is so good. It's titled, “The Hag, The Ogre, and The Chocolate Cake.”

To whet your appetite:
It mattered little that my young daughters were all in earshot and taking mental notes to store in their “How to Be a Wife” folders. Frightful! They do not stop learning when our homeschool is out for the day. This is when the “real life” lessons are learned. Was I humbled at the thought? No…I was too busy drawing up battle plans.

The next several hours were dedicated to the impending war. Memories were dredged up, scenes were imagined, and hurtful words were scripted. I was ready. I was good and mad and fully prepared to do some damage.
Do take some time to read the whole thing. Excellent reflection on marriage and its impact on our children.