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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's Good to Be Reminded Sometimes

A while ago we had the chance to look after a friend's young children when she had to run an errand. In the time before a few emails were exchanged, in which she was glad we didn't "mind watching" her kids. My response? "Not mind?... not hardly! We love your kids, it's our pleasure!" That elicited this unexpected response:
Evers said the nicest thing I've ever heard, he said not that he didn't mind watching my kids, he loves them. Wow, I was so convicted last night that I lost sleep, which was very unusual. Like you said, I have [these] gifts from heaven but I often don't treat them like gifts, but inconveniences. Sometimes I get angry and I don't like them very much. Isn't that awful? The very thing I know I shouldn't do, I DO quite often. How much I need the grace of God!

I know I am not perfect, so I won't try to achieve perfect motherhood. But I do want to become a better mother today than yesterday. I want my kids to really know that I love them, and I want to homeschool them as if I only have one year to live--create fun memories, teach them about what's truly important, prepare them for Heaven not Harvard, forget about petty things that aren't important.
The truth is, we often forget as well the right priorities, and how to love and like our children. May the Lord help us to do so.