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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Watching movies, sort of

This morning before I headed off to work, I decided to crash in our bedroom for a few moments (cuz both kids decided to wake up uber-early). Matthew wanted me to play, so I said, “Hey, Matthew, I'm watching a movie!” (pointing at the blank wall at the foot of our bed). This was a weak attempt to distract him so I wouldn't have to get out of bed to play cars with him. Well, he decided to take me seriously. But he had to do it right. He proceeded to close the curtains, close the doors, turn off the lights, etc. He then then “put in” a new movie (pretending to stick a movie into a player) and pretended to push a bunch of buttons (actually just empty space on the wall). Once the “movie” started, he'd jump in bed and pull the covers over. He was also very insistent that I not turn on my side (i.e., to rest), but face the movie screen to watch. Again, we're talking about a blank wall here. Hilarious. Very creative, this kid.

This, amazingly, lasted for over a half-hour, during which time Lois joined us in our “movie watching” experience. We watched (according to Matthew) a train movie, an airplane movie, a racecar movie, and even a “tangerine” movie. Every movie lasted at most 30 seconds.