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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Weight Obsession

I really enjoyed reading this article "The Importance of Being Fat" by Jenefer Igarashi because I can relate. Recently I've been obsessing over my weight because I have still yet to lose the last ten pounds after Andrew's birth. I whine about the fact that it's been 16 months since I popped that baby out and yet I still have a little pooch. That weight should've come off!!! My husband often reminds me that he still loves me the way I am and that if I keep on obsessing over it, it is called VANITY. Somehow this didn't change my attitude as I immediately went off thinking about all those friends with perfect bodies before, during, and after pregnancies. Again, my husband reminds me that it's called ENVY. Darn!

What I really need to learn at this point is not mulling over my weight, rather I should be more concerned about being more godly. Jenefer writes very nicely here:
In the last nine months that it took to bring us our new little James, all my previous hard work has been undone. Poof. I’m fat again. But strangely, I’m thankful for it because I’m realizing something that I’ve ignored for a while. When I reached my great goal weight after my last baby it did nothing to bring me closer to my goals of becoming a godlier, self-controlled woman. It didn’t make me a better wife. It didn’t make me a better mother. It didn’t make me a better friend. The only thing it did, really, was make me proud about my new cute little size. ...

... I want to be a woman who is characterized by grace, patience, wisdom, and hard work. So for right now I can appreciate the importance of being fat. It reveals where my heart tends to wander. If I find myself spending more time staring into the mirror (scowling) than staring into God’s Word, then I am in danger of idolatry. My worth and value is in Him.
I hope this encourages you.