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Monday, August 22, 2005

Why Homeschool?

Lois asked me my specific thoughts on this last night. Of course, we've been on the homeschooling track, arguably, since before we even had kids. And since then, we've done plenty of research on different curricula, approaches, etc. But we hadn't actually sat down and analyzed the specific benefits/tradeoffs.

Rather than attempt to expound the benefits, I'll let you read a good blog posting on blog.sonlight.com that summarizes (and links to) an excellent full-length article addressing this topic, written by a homeschooling dad who's also an MIT grad. One thing I note is that while the author is likely a Christian, his article applies to the benefits of homeschooling in general. Of course, his points are especially applicable to we who consider our children a stewardship and not our own to raise in whatever way we choose, but rather, in the nurture and discipline of the Lord.