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Friday, September 16, 2005

Dealing with Discontentment

I love viewing friends' photo albums on the internet. It's easily accessible and it's also fun looking at pictures of their vacations, outings, family times, etc. However, the one problem I encounter in viewing others' photo albums is discontentment. “Wow, they did all those fun activities and I sure haven't ... especially since having kids. Look at how happy they are. Look at all those wonderful places they went. Their lives are so carefree, so fun, so much to live for. As for me, I just go through one mundane day to another, taking care of my kiddoes. When will I ever get to do all those exciting things?”

Have you ever felt this way? I certainly have, especially when my kids aren't behaving as I'd like them to. In the midst of trials and the daily repetitious routines, I tend to think I have been given a raw deal. Other people's lives seem to be a whole lot more exciting and glamorous than mine.

I quickly realize being discontent gets me nowhere. I'm not happier. Nor am I appreciative of my husband or kids. I only want to be somewhere else. Discontentment also reveals my dissatisfaction with God. I'm essentially saying that I am not grateful for what He has given me. What is the right attitude then? I need to learn to acknowledge God's provisions and be grateful for what He has allotted. Even though it is not easy to have this attitude when I'm feeling all pouty, but I need to train my heart to go with my brain. I need to keep reminding myself to count my blessings, to be appreciative of my family, to be thankful to God. This is how I train my heart.

[Note from Evers: This article is also helpful for gaining some persective.]