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Friday, September 09, 2005

Good follow-up on video games (and TV for that matter)

Check out good thoughts from parents who are there and working through it.
As parents it is vital that we be informed on issues related to our children's physical and spiritual well-being so we can make wise decisions on their behalf. Hopefully, reading this article will help you do that.

But secondly, we have asked two moms and pastors wives--who between them have no fewer than eight boys--how they, following their husband's leadership, have handled the issue of video games in their homes. Both of these families have been long-time friends of ours, and we have observed up-close for many years the godly fruit of their parenting in the lives of their children. ... May their thoughts provoke all of us to consider our own guidelines for our children's "gaming" habits from a biblical perspective.

Note: while the above link is helpful, I think it's also important to have a Biblical framework for "entertainment." Read Lois's original post on video games & TV for more on that.