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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How My *Boy* Learns

After a long break we resumed school today. Even though the break was not intentional, it provided a refreshing new perspective for me. Perhaps this break was needed. Matthew seems to be reading words and sentences really well, and I'm rather surprised by it. I thought he would forget all those lessons he had learned.

I'm more patient with his boyish nature now. I have previously said that his restlessness is frustrating to me when it comes to schooling. I had wished he could/would sit still for more than 5 minutes so I can at least finish one lesson with him. Well, it was different today. No, he didn't change. He's still restless and moves about a whole lot. However, instead of discouraging his behavior, I adapted my teaching method to his needs.

We learned many new words and sentences today. As soon as he learns one word, he has to act it out or find the object that resembles it. For example, we learned the word "run." After he sounds it out, he gets off the chair and runs around to demonstrate for me that he knows what it means. I like learning the word "hug" because he leans over and gives me a hug. Learning the word "rug" sends him to look for rugs in the house. After learning "dug," he goes on to tell me how he was at a friend's back yard digging and filling holes.

I have previously complained that the most I can do school with him was about 10 minutes. Well, today we were able to do school for about 45 minutes and we covered about 3 lessons. He was having a good time learning new words and sentences and he kept asking for more. We only stopped because I could tell he was getting tired. I was very blessed today. I need to remember that I have a boy, not a girl, and I need to adjust to his boyishness. God made him this way and I must accept it as good.