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Thursday, October 20, 2005

More on the Narnia movie

Eric Zeller has some good thoughts on his blog about the upcoming Narnia movie that I blogged about below.
The "Christian" organizations that are organizing the "faith community" outreach aspect of the marketing have come up with several themes you can emphasize in your outreach: a) "Encounter the Power"; b) "Winter in Narnia"; c) "Discover the Wonder"; and d) "What if there were no Christmas?". These all may be great ideas, but none of them pertain to what I would argue is the book's central point of Christological allegory: the voluntary substitutionary death of Aslan as a picture of the voluntary substitutionary death of Christ. If there is any point at which we should be using Narnia as an illustration it is that! But that is a little bit too much for our friends at Disney; they'd rather talk about "values."
He concludes:
I do plan to see the movie, and it may be that I’ll be able to use that illustration in an evangelistic conversation - if God provided that opportunity, that would be great. But that is probably going to be the extent of my Narnia outreach efforts. Disney can afford to advertise their own movie - they don’t need me to do it for them.
Also, this post by paleoevangelical talks about this issue as well.