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Monday, November 14, 2005

God's Mercies During our Adoption Trip

We are so happy to be back after about two weeks in China. Home is still the best. After years of traveling, home is still the best place for me. I guess that's how it's supposed to be!

This adoption trip was extremely challenging. We took our two young boys abroad as well so they can be part of Emmaline's adoption. Even though it was very difficult in bringing them, we still think it was for the best as they bonded really well with Emmaline. Both of them showered lots of affection on her. At first she cried because she had never experienced any type of affection, but after several days she started to giggle and smile whenever the boys kiss her.

There were many moments where both Evers and I felt helpless. With the jet lag, different environment, lack of food options due to concerns about hygiene, noise and air pollution, illness, and kids acting up, we were stretched to our limits. I can say I prayed lot more than when my life was more comfortable. I find that when life is smooth, we tend to forget about God and rely on our own strength. However, when we are in tough situations, we tend to cry out more to God. We were so exhausted that we simply had nothing to give. We had to turn to God. I'm just so thankful that He is faithful and gracious to us. Every time I cry out, God either eases the situation or gives me the strength to handle the circumstance. When I lie awake at night due to jet lag, I find myself praying for more of God's mercies. I'm still in awe that He helped us through this trip and that we are home safely.

To remember God's goodness to us, let me list a few of His blessings during our trip:
  • My brother who was gracious enough to take time off and go on this trip with us. I don't think we could've done it without him. There were so many appointments and paperwork during this trip that we definitely needed another adult there to help out with the kids.
  • Even though our flight from home to Hong Kong was neither pleasant nor easy, our flight back home was more than we could ever asked for. At first we were very anxious, but we were so pleasantly surprised and utterly in awe that the plane was half full. We were able to stretch out on the extra seats, and on top of that, all three of our kids slept through most of the flight. We are so grateful to God for such provision.
  • We made friends with several wonderful couples in our adoption travel group. Too bad we live so far from most, though some are close.
  • While overseas, we were able by God's help to overcome jet lag, fatigue, stomach ailments, long and tiresome days.
  • Our dear friends Sharon and Anselm Siao who were so kind and generous while we were in Hong Kong.