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Monday, December 12, 2005

"Daddy" = "Male Adult"

Matthew is very fond of recounting the day's events at bedtime.

I recently discovered that when he is speaking of men (as in male adults) he describes them as "daddies" and women as "mommies." For example, this evening we dropped by the "Bethlehem: Experience the Birth" attraction held by First Baptist Church of Santa Clara. As part of the event, a man in a white robe ascends into the sky (illuminated by a spotlight) from a tower in one of the buildings, and plays the part of an angel announcing the coming of the Savior.

Well, naturally, since Matthew is so young, the Christmas story is not quite familiar -- and the appearing of a man in the sky is more interesting. His words in the car on the way home?
  • "Daddy, why does the daddy angel have no feets [sic]?" (The feet were obscured by the robe, which also obscured the platform upon which he was standing)
  • "That was a daddy angel. It wasn't a mommy angel. Mommies aren't angels.

This kid is so funny. Lately, I've been reading other people's blogs and at times feel like our life is so boring. As I said to Lois this evening, "It seems like all we do is make babies." Her reply? "Well, at least we have good stories."