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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Grace Defined: An Unmerited Ice Cream Sundae

Evers and Matthew went to McDonald's this evening on the way back from an errand to get a couple of ice cream sundaes (one for me and one for Daddy - and none for Matthew), and upon returning, Evers asked me (in front of Matthew):

Evers: "Does Matthew deserve any ice cream today?"
Lois: "No, he has been very unkind to his brother today. He kept picking on him all day."
Evers: "Why should we give him any then, even when he doesn't deserve it?"
Lois: "Because of grace."
Evers: "What is grace?"
Lois" "Grace is when we receive something that we don't deserve."

Evers then turned to Matthew and explained that in the same way God shows grace to us when we don't deserve it. Matthew certainly did not deserve this treat this evening, but because of grace, he had the privilege of eating it.

This may seem over his head, but from past experiences, I believe he gets it. If not now, he will in the future. I had a hard time with him today because he continued to mistreat his brother even after repeated corrections. When Evers got home I expressed my frustration and disappointment to him. This unexpected trip to McDonald's was beneficial because it gave us an opportunity to teach Matthew about grace and God. Even though today's events didn't go so well, I'm happy to have had this little conversation with Matthew.