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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Brain Pause

I'm in my third trimester now and the so called "pregnancy brain" (This is my term. Not sure if anyone uses this too) has once again invaded my body. What is the "pregnancy brain" you ask? It's a state of mind where one forgets the simplest thing and cannot express oneself at all. The best tactic is to point like a lunatic and hope your audience comprehends. This currently describes my state of mind, or lack or it.

Just this morning when I wanted my husband to open the dish washer, I said, "Hunny, can you open that thingie?" He then piped in and said, "It's called a dish washer." What a revelation! Oh yeah, it's a dish washer. Yes, "thingie" is a word!!! I insist, and it's an universal word. It can be used for almost anything. Even though it's not the most eloquent word, it works!

Can you be cured of this "pregnancy brain"? Yes. The prognosis is good but the symptoms will last throughout the entire pregnancy. Recovery takes anywhere from three to nine months or more, and it also depends on when the baby starts to sleep through the night.

Reflecting back to my previous pregnancies, sometimes I see a little glimpse of hope. During my last pregnancy, all of sudden during a conversation with my husband, I used a big SAT word, "ubiquitous," it almost knocked his socks off. Yes, he knew the meaning of the word, but just wasn't expecting me to use it since most of my vocabularies comprised of "thingie." See. . . . my college education is worth something. . . . after all, neurobiology was part of my major.

Even though I'm poking fun of myself, it does get frustrating sometimes not being able to express myself. Through it all, God is gracious and He enables me to carry on each day to serve my family. My three kiddoes are well fed, clothed though PJs are considered both daytime and nighttime apparel now, and most importantly, they are well loved.