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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Purpose of Rain

We had another raining day here in supposedly sunny California. This month has been a season of rain, which is very unusual. It seems like it never stops. While out on an errand this evening, as the rain poured and poured, Matthew asked "Mommy, why does it rain so much?" Before I could answer, he said, "Is it because God knows we have strawberry plants?" We planted some strawberries in our garden about a month ago but had not installed the drip hose for the water supply. I was told to manually water the strawberries for the time being. I have not even watered those plants at all for the past month because of the ample rain. In Matthew's mind, God supplies ample rain so we can grow strawberries!

This is really wonderful. We are so blessed -- our heart's desire is to instill in Matthew (and all his siblings) an understanding that God is sovereign and involved in every element of his creation. These are the seeds of faith in our faithful God in the years to come.