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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Raising a Frugal Kid

I find it so amusing that my four year old has adopted our tendency for frugality. How do I know? Check out a few examples:
  • Whenever we pass by a gas station, he reads the gas price and then says, "Wow. . . that's so much!"
  • When we were at the store the other day, he found a kid size shopping cart and pushed it around pretending to shop. When he showed it to me, I asked where he got that. He said, "I got it on sale, Mommy."
  • While at the store, he asked if he could go to the toy section. I told him that I wasn't going to buy any toys. He said to me, "That's ok, Mommy, I just want to look at it." Ha. . . .ha. . . ha. . . my usual saying of "It's free for the looking." has finally lodged in his brain. I'm also very glad that he doesn't think he can get whatever he wants at the store. I've seen way too many kids pitch a fit when their parents refuse to buy them toys. I'm happy to say that after we were finished shopping, he left contentedly without crying or whining.
  • There were times when he asked if I could buy him something. After looking at the price, I told him that it was too expensive so we weren't going to buy it. He was fine with that decision every time.
My husband says this is actually a good thing, since as a kid he really failed to appreciate the value of money and as a result was something of a spendthrift until he got out of college. But that's a more serious topic for another post. Let's just enjoy the silliness of a near-4yo boy eavesdropping on his parents' frugality.