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Friday, April 07, 2006

A Mother's Job Description

Ever since becoming a mother, I wear many different "hats." Among these are:
  • Chief Operating Officer: My husband is CEO, but I'm in charge of getting things done around the house. And directing all the "subordinates" herein.
  • Psychologist: When one of the kids is crying, I have to decipher what is going on, and it's especially hard when the kid is not at the talking stage.
  • Nurse: Those paper cuts can be darn nasty, not to mention those occasional falls.
  • Judge: When the kids argue, I'm the mediator. I have to decipher who is right and who is wrong and give a pronouncement.
  • Chief Cook or Chef: These kids don't grow from eating nothing. My duty invovles making food that tastes good, as well as making sure they are healthy.
  • Maid: How else will the house be kept clean and presentable?
  • Personal Assistant: I dress, bathe, and feed the kids. I also do all their shopping needs.
  • Chauffeur: Those little legs of theirs can't get far. Those errands to the mall, library, and other outings require a good 'o chauffer.
  • Food Supply: That Mama's milk is what made them thrive and gain lots of chubs for the first 15 months.
  • Hair Dresser: For the boys, I spray and comb their hair. For the girl, I spray, comb, and create a nice hairdo. For all, I cut and trim their hair on a regular basis.
  • Counselor: When they cry or get frustrated with each other or with a certain toy, a counselling session is neccessary.
  • Interpreter: Even though I have not mastered the language of baby talk nor obtained a degree in this field, I can often interpret for the non-verbal child with an accuracy rate of 90%.
  • Entertainer: My kids like to be amused so Mama is the entertainer and my repertoire includes singing, dancing, playing piano, jumping, kicking, and doing lots of wacky body maneuvers.
  • Teacher: Thus far I teach the following subjects: home economics, phonics, math, reading, and Bible.
  • Drill Sergeant: Who keeps the children in line? They need training and discipline.
  • Social Coordinator: I organize all play dates, meetings with friends, outings, etc.
  • Playmate: Someone has to be creative and come up with games and ideas to keep the little one interested.
  • Shepherd: Above all, I'm called to be shepherd of my children's souls.