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Friday, August 12, 2005

Trying to be a "perfect" homeschooler?

Lois found a good article on trying to be a "perfect homeschooling" mom. Here's an excerpt:

Ahhh…Fall. When everything is crisp and cool and even the kids spring up to do their new lessons, right? Mine actually do get excited. Yippee! New books, a new grade, a new year. Yet, after those first couple of energized weeks (or days), things start to change. Life begins slipping into a blurry haze. You find the pencil sharpener under the cheese in the refrigerator door. It takes longer to find the schoolbooks than to actually work through the lessons in them. You find the glue — the lid open, upside down — in your shoe, and your toddler begins telling strangers that his name is, “Sit DOWN!”

Eventually the happy, patient, sing-songy mother from September fades away and is replaced with the new Mad Cow Nutwheel of October. Soon after, the doubt rolls in…“I can’t possibly be doing this right!” Followed by the guilt…“My entire family is going to end up in psychotherapy.”