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Monday, December 19, 2005

Taking Advantage of Luggage Technology

Funny story. Last night my brother and his wife came back for the holidays and I picked them up from the airport. As I was carrying in their few bags, Matthew volunteered to help. Of course, at three years and eight months old, he has limitations on what he can carry. So I offered him a small bag -- about the size of a bowling ball bag. The bag has four small casters on the bottom, which Matthew immediately noticed. Only problem is, it's up 3 small flights of stairs to get to the guest room.

So what does he do?

He picked up the bag with both arms (like a bag of groceries) and carried them up the first flight.

Then he set it down on top... and rolled the bag all 2 feet to the foot of the next set of stairs.

Then he picked up again and carried up the next leg.... and set it down again! And rolled it another 2 feet.

Finally he carried it up the next 8 steps to top of the last flight and rolled it down the hallway to the guest bedroom (about 12 feet).

Too funny. It would've been simpler just to carry the bag the whole way. But he just had to use those wheels every chance he got. That would be reason they're there, right?