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Friday, September 16, 2005

Woohoo! Proof is in the ... toilet!

Sorry. Those of you with children, you'll understand.

After nearly a year and a half of persuasion, discipline, cajoling and numerous other attempts to get our oldest boy (now nearly 3 1/2 years old) to poop in a toilet... and many tearful refusals to even sit on a toilet... and many nasty b.m.'s in diapers each day... yesterday morning he came and told us that he'd pooped in the toilet after waking up. But he'd flushed it, we were sleeping at the time, and had no idea if he actually had. We were 99% sure he was telling the truth; but weren't sure, since he'd steadfastly refused for so long. No proof, as they say.

Well, just now, he told us he needed to poop. Lois offered him a bounty of jelly beans if he actually did.

5 minutes later: "Mommy, I'm done!"

I ran up to the bathroom, and sure enough, he had pooped in the toilet. His mommy and daddy celebrated! Let the fireworks begin!

If only we'd also taught him to control the trajectory of his urine so that it went into the toilet rather than a good 5 ft straight out onto the floor (which I stepped on as I ran into the bathroom in excitement)! LOL!

Now you know why we started potty training our second one at 4 months old; he already poops in a toilet, most of the time. <grin>

And to close, a hilarious photo from friends of ours who've been using a stuffed bear to try to teach their boy to poop in a toilet. They used the bear to model and then left their boy alone in the bathroom for a few minutes, returning to find: