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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

Here are some really insightful thoughts from a brother, in response to Carolyn McCulley's post for single women titled Our Looks and God's Word. An excerpt:
The problem isn't the desire to be physically attracted to your wife. The problem and sin area for men is pride. Our culture has defined for us what beautiful is....

I have been praying for several years that God would "custom wire" my eyes for my wife. What is important is that my heart is genuinely attracted to her. But that will be a work of grace! No matter where she stands on the world's rating system, I want my heart and mind's affections to be directed towards her."
I can really related to the thoughts therein. When I first saw Lois, I was most certainly drawn to her looks (even as we'd already been in correspondence before that). And yet in the few years since, how easy it has been for the world's thinking to encroach upon God's standard for beauty and for me to "forget" how beautiful I found her at first: both physically and "inside." May the above prayer be mine and its answer as well.

UPDATE: Also read a follow-up post from the Roof Guys blog.